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Who is the Last Iran Shah

Who is the last Iran shah? If you wonder about this about, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is the last Iran shah. After him monarch was abolished. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, commonly known as Mohammad Reza Shah, served as the...

Persian Series on TV

There are many Persian series today. These are of interest to many. If you are wondering what kind of publications there are, you can easily get it. "Bizim Kand" holds a special place among the TV...

Hijab in Iran

As known by many people, hijab is  head covering worn by Muslim women all around the world. However hijab in Iran has become a source of controversy in recent times and search by many people. In...


Türkiye, Egypt Raise Diplomatic Ties to Level of Embassies

Türkiye and Egypt raised their diplomatic relations to the embassy level on Tuesday. In a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye, it was said that Salih Mutlu Sen was...

How Armenians İn Egypt Are Preserving Their Heritage

Egypt has been home to a Armenian community since the days of the Fatimid era, boasting a rich history of contributions to the country. Among the notable individuals from this community is Armen Mazloumian, a medical...

Belly Dance in Egypt

Belly dance is a captivating form of dance that originated in the Middle East and has its roots in Ancient Egypt. It is characterized by graceful movements of the hips and torso, creating a mesmerizing and...

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